Social Protests of 2010-2016 in Georgia: Experience and Perspectives (2017)

Social Protests of 2010-2016 in Georgia: Experience and Perspectives (2017)

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The project implemented by the Human Rights Education and Monitoring Centre – EMC serves the goal to promote civic participation and sustainable development through in-depth research of social movements related to environmental, cultural, and social aspects of urban development.

One of the objectives of the project is to conduct an in-depth research on recent social movements in Georgia. Research will focus on the recent 2010-2016 protests and activist movements in Georgia, namely, civic activism related to the protection of environment, cultural heritage, and labor rights. The purpose of research will be to describe the processes of activism and protest, their bases, initiation, development (including agenda and main messages), and completion (as applicable), as well as to analyze the patterns and various dimensions of the processes.

Another objective is to promote further civic participation to support sustainable urban development. The findings of the above mentioned research will be shared with a wide audience, including involved actors, such as workers and activists, as well as other stakeholders, including state institutions, NGOs, civil society organizations, media, etc. Sharing research findings and lessons learned will not only produce theoretical insights on social movements, but also facilitate further activism and development of more effective and influential strategies for social movements. Increased civic participation will, in turn, promote and encourage more sustainable practices of urban development, considering its social, environmental and cultural dimensions.

The project implementation period is January-November 2017.

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