Debates on Participatory Politics


Politics and Culture in the Context of State-Society Relations

How do the state and politics define the formulation of culture into one officially sanctioned “ideologized” direction, and what should state policy be to allow for an open, free and inclusive environment? Is there a “radical” change in Georgian culture, and is the preservation of existing cultural memory necessary for public development?

Georgia: Where Is It Going?

The first speaker, a journalist and political analyst from Tbilisi, Mikhail Vignanski began by pointing out that the situation in Georgia is developing very rapidly and attracts a lot of attention.

Is Everybody Leaving? Migration to and from Armenia: Myths and Reality

“The official discourse” of migration, is that in a situation of unemployment and economic hardship, migration is a generally positive phenomenon, as it creates an outlet for the economy. In the other, "opposition discourse,” migration is seen as a negative phenomenon and is often used to criticize government policy."

The Labor Code and Workers’ Movement

The speakers of the discussion spoke about the following issues: whether the employer has a hostile attitude towards the employee, what changes are being made to the Labor Code adopted in 2006, etc.