Anti-Gender Movements on the Rise?


The concept of "gender backlash" encompasses too activities pursued by a multitude of different local initiatives all over Central and Eastern Europe, which strongly promote tradition over equality. In many cases these groups appear to be backed and inspired both by influential US-American “pro life” organisations as well as the Kremlin’s "Gay-rope" propaganda, which aims to discredit the European Union as a place of moral decline.

Kato Mikeladze - Unknown Herstories of Georgian Feminism

The goal of the project implemented in the period of July-December, 2013 was to introduce Kato Mikeladze, a feminist activist of the early 20th century to a wider public through research and publication and spread the word about the heritage she contributed to the feminist thought in Georgia.

Feminism. Assemblage Point

With the support of the South Caucasus Regional Office of the HBF three activists from Georgia and Armenia: Eka Aghdgomelashvili, Nino Gamisonia and Elvira Meliksetyan participated in the International Conference - “Feminism. Assemblage Point” organized on 5-7 March, 2013 in Kiev by feminist organization Ofenziva supported by the HBF Ukraine Office.

By Elvira Meliksetyan