Rethinking Soviet Past

Rethinking the Soviet Past

Stalin's List on Georgia

Rethinking Soviet Past

Debating the totalitarian part of a country’s history is a precondition to shape the transition process dedicated to democratic values. To help overcome these legacies of the past, the Heinrich Boell Foundation South Caucasus Regional Office (HBF) has a new initiative to develop new projects on rethinking the Soviet Past. To set up the projects, the HBF and partners are drawing on international expertise, in both coming to terms with a dictatorial past and in engaging the public with such difficult questions.

Debates on "Rethinking Soviet Past"

All Public Debates on "Rethinking Soviet Past"

History Forum: The Epochal Year 1917: The Dream - or Nightmare - of Emancipation?

The Epochal Year 1917: The Dream - or Nightmare - of Emancipation?

The European History Forum is an initiative by the Heinrich Böll Foundation and its Russian partner, the Scientific Information Center Memorial, which aims at offering young historians, museum, media, and NGO activists from East, South East, and West Europe a space to reflect and exchange. Thus, a pan-European discourse on memoryculture and history politics is promoted. The forum is open to all who professionally, voluntarily, or privately investigate the history of the 20th century history from a critical perspective. 

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