Europe and South Caucasus

The perception of the EU in the South Caucasus has changed significantly since summer 2008 when then President of the Council of the EU, Nicolas Sarkozy, brokered the cease fire agreement between Russia and Georgia.

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Queer Feelings

Queer Feelings

This publication "Queer Feelings" includes translations of the texts of Queer and feminist theorists, Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, Audre Lord, José Esteban Muñoz, Ann Cvetkovich, Sara Ahmed, Lauren Berlant, Dean Spade. The reader will see how the themes mentioned above are intertwined and intersected in these texts and leave valuable space for criticism and rethinking the strategies for Queer struggle.


Dr. Stefan Meister

"Die Regierungen wissen, dass ihre Systeme das nicht stemmen"

იმერეთი, ქუჩის გაწმენდითი სამუშოები

Covid-19 in the South Caucasus – fast reactions and authoritarian reflexes

invited guest on the panel: Tamar Kochoradze, Pavlo Klimkin, Fransciska Smolnik and the moderator stefan meister

The International Dimension of Regional Conflicts: The cases of Georgia and Ukraine

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