Call for Project Evaluator in Armenia

Call for Project Evaluator in Armenia

The South Caucasus Regional Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundaiton is seeking for evaluator of the project "Sustainable Energy Academy" in Armenia.

Terms of Reference for Project Evaluation Sustainable Energy Academy

1. Introduction

Heinrich Boell Foundation (hbs) is a German independent political foundation affiliated with the Green Party of Germany. The Foundation promotes the ideas of social and ecological justice, democracy and human rights, non-violence and proactive peace practices. 

South Caucasus regional office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation in cooperation with the Acopian Center of the American University of Armenia has been implementing a project - Sustainable Energy Academy since 2016. The project aims to contribute to building a community of students and professionals in Armenia who will be equipped to promote and implement sustainable energy solutions at building, district, community, and national levels. The efforts of the project and its participants and alumni are expected to inform national and local policy discussions on sustainable energy.

Key activities of the project consisted of conference, workshops, theoretical lectures, practical exercises in the capital city and different regions of Armenia that provided the participants with the knowledge of energy efficiency measures applied to the buildings and renewable energy solutions. The project was implemented in close cooperation with local communities, which at different stages of the project could initiate their own project proposals and practically realize them.   

2. Reason for and objectives of the evaluation

The evaluation is to:

  1. evaluate the quality of the planning, preparation and realization of the project as well as the results achieved;
  1. assess and describe the impacts and sustainability of the activity with regard to the main indicators of the project and hbs`s program;
  2. provide recommendations for the further conception and elaboration of such programmes by Heinrich Boell Foundation.

3. Main Duties and Tasks

The evaluation shall look at the project related activities, outreach materials and resources produced and used by AUA in the period from July 2016 to November 2018. The evaluator shall conduct interviews with the participants of each year`s Sustainable Academy, project team and interested stakeholders in Yerevan and three other cities of Armenia. The outcomes of the project should be assessed against the project objectives in terms of coherence and sustainability of main activities and provide independent opinion about the project related challenges.

  • Elaboration of a relevant evaluation methodology, including the development of a data collection system, which meets the requirements of the different parties involved;
  • Collection of primary information through partially standardized interviews and guideline-based interviews, as well as other relevant field work and desk research as per the developed methodology;
  • Analysis of available secondary information;
  • Summary and interpretation of the collected and available information;
  • Reporting to Heinrich Boell Foundation with recommendations for follow-up;
  • Presentation of the results of the evaluation and recommendations in the form of a final report submitted in English.

4. Required Skills, Experience and Competencies

  • practical experience in realizing evaluations and the necessary conceptual and methodical skills;
  • experience in qualitative research and relevant skills to plan and implement adequate strategies for acquiring and evaluating information;
  • prior experience of evaluating projects funded by international organizations;
  • language skills: fluent in Armenian and English;
  • experience of working in the field of energy or sustainable development is preferable.

5. Timeline

  • November 1, 2018 – signing the contract;
  • November 1 - 15 – Agreement on methodology, list of the project participants in Yerevan and the regions and wider stakeholders to be interviewed;
  • November 15 - 30 – Document analysis, interviews etc.;
  • December 10 – draft of the evaluation report;
  • December 17 – Final Report.

6. Financial arrangements

hbs offers 1000.00 EUR total honorarium for the fulfillment of the tasks mentioned above. Service provider is responsible for paying the taxes that may be imposed on the service in Armenia. The proposed honorarium doesn`t include the travel costs from Yerevan to the regions of Armenia.

7. Procedures for Submission of Proposals

Interested candidates shall submit their profiles and 2 references, in terms of previous relevant evaluation experience by October 20, 2018 to

For further information on the Heinrich Boell Foundation`s activities in the South Caucasus please visit


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