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The LGBTI rights and the Revolution

The people’s revolution in Armenia last spring and the developments thereafter had a certain impact on the discussions about LGBTI rights. In the extremely active political process, this topic became one of the most speculated with themes.

By Arthur Minasyan

1989: History Competition

Within the framework of the research grants, recipients have to prepare academic articles which will analyze the events of 1989 in Armenia and assess what does the year 1989 means from today’s perspective.

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Conflict Transformation

Why the Post-Communist Grey Zone Is Still Grey: Causes and Future Scenarios

There are five potential solutions to the problem of Ukraine's, Georgia's, Moldova's and Azerbaijan's current location in a security-political nowhere-land. They include a Western-Russian grand bargain, NATO accession, EU membership, US security guarantees, and the Intermarium. Yet, none of these models has so far materialized. Why is that the case?

Public Lecture by Thomas De Waal

Taking the Long View: Georgia’s Conflicts in an International Context is a Public Lecture by Thomas De Waal, that took place on January 10, 2019, at HBS Tbilisi Office - South Caucasus Region.

By Thomas de Waal
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Europe and South Caucasus

Armenian-Georgian Neighborhood: same directions or diverging paths?

Georgia and Armenia have strived to establish good neighborhood policy throughout centuries. There has been neighborly competition over certain issues but during the last two decades, governments of these countries have taken steps to develop joint initiatives in cultural, economic and political spheres.The South Caucasus Regional Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation supports the regional dialogue between these two countries.

Wir, nichteuropäische Europäer

Für Georgien war der Gastlandauftritt auf der diesjährigen Frankfurter Buchmesse, der größten der Welt, vor allem ein politischer Erfolg.

By Giorgi Maisuradze
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Ecology, Sustainable Develoment

Energy Poverty - Guidance for Public Discourse and State Policy in the time of Reform

In 2018, the organization World Experience for Georgia (WEG) with support of the South Caucasus Regional Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation implements project "Energy Poverty - Guidance for Public Discourse and State Policy in the time of Reform". The main goal of the project is to provide the factual basis, logical framework and recommendations for state policy and public discourse on energy poverty issues.

The Eventful Turn: Baku and Mega-Event Led Urban Changes

In a post-industrial era where cities across the globe have taken an entrepreneurial approach to urban territorial management, mega-events have become a prominent part of urban policies (Harvey, 1989). The Olympics and the Formula 1 World Championship are examples of internationally-significant mega-events, typically with an abundance of visitors and global media audiences of billions.

By David Gogishvili
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