Armenian-Georgian Neighborhood: same directions or diverging paths?

Georgia and Armenia have strived to establish good neighborhood policy throughout centuries. There has been neighborly competition over certain issues but during the last two decades, governments of these countries have taken steps to develop joint initiatives in cultural, economic and political spheres. The South Caucasus Regional Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation supports the regional dialogue between these two countries. Therefore, this time, the Office has called on renowned political scientists and analysts Mr.George Tarkhan-Mouravi, Mr. Arsen Khratyan and Mr. Davit Hovhannisyan to reflect on Armenia-Georgia relations taken into account that nowadays these states are part of different political and economic projects.

The LGBTI Solidarity Network Wraps Up Its Active Phase in Armenia


On September 28, 2017, the Heinrich Boell Foundation South Caucasus Regional Office, together with its partners PINK and SWV organised a Wrap-up Stakeholder Meeting of the EU-funded Project “Solidarity Network for LGBTI in Armenia and Georgia”, which was being implemented since early 2015 in Aremnia and Georgia. հայերեն

Armenian-Russian Relations: Diminishing Returns


Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, independence for Armenia has faced a daunting trade-off of sovereignty for security. With the insecurity from a war with neighbouring Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh that erupted even before independence, Armenia has long relied on Russia as its “strategic partner” and security provider. հայերեն

By Richard Giragosian

War and Peace: Armenian Elections 2017

On April 2, 2017 Parliamentary elections took place in Armenia. These were the first national elections after the Constitutional Referendum of 2015 which transformed the country from a Presidential into a Parliamentary Republic. An analysis.

Green Prospects in the Youth Political Activism in Armenia and Georgia

On March 22-24, 2016, the Heinrich Boell Foundation held Green Academy Spring Session - “Green Prospects in the Youth Political Activism in Armenia and Georgia“. The programme covered a wide range of issues within the discourse of Green politics and offered diverse food for thought.

(Nagorno-) Karabakh – The Danger of Getting Used to a Conflict

From the outset, Germany’s chairmanship of the OSCE, in 2016, promised to be fraught with sizable challenges. One of these challenges came from the recent developments in the South Caucasus, which demonstrated with renewed force that national boundaries in the post-Soviet space, and thus the security situation, are still far from stable.

By Nino Lejava