Enviromental Protection and Sustainable Development

Ecology and sustainable development are among the important issues Heinrich Boell Foundation Tbilisi Office - South Caucasus Region concentrates on. Together with our partners we monitor and analyze recent developments in the field of energy, environmental protection and climate change.

Through our Climate Change Program and in collaboration with our partners we support the energy policy that decreases dependence on traditional energy sources and promotes renewable (mostly wind and solar) and energy efficient technologies, introduces the low emission technologies in different sectors (transport, urban planning, waste management, construction business, agriculture, etc) and delivers benefits of sustainable energy to the society. We believe that identification of the economic, social and environmental benefits of the sustainable energy systems, development of important financial mechanisms for renewable energy technologies, defining sectoral priorities for low emission economic models and promotion of their establishment are crucial for the South Caucasus region.

Our office has been supporting and advocating sustainable urban development for several years. Through our and our partners` activities we want to protect green public spaces and cultural heritage and introduce contemporary urban planning principles into the public discourse.

In our work we support regional cooperation, experience and knowledge sharing in the fields of environmental protection and energy. In future we will concentrate more efforts on raising awareness of ordinary citizens and decision-makers, promoting environmental responsibility and supporting research, monitoring and advocacy on climate change, sustainable energy systems and urban development issues.