Kato Mikeladze - Unknown Herstories of Georgian Feminism

The goal of the project implemented in the period of July-December, 2013 was to introduce Kato Mikeladze, a feminist activist of the early 20th century to a wider public through research and publication and spread the word about the heritage she contributed to the feminist thought in Georgia.

The publication "Kato Mikeladze  - Unknown Herstories of Georgian Feminism" raised the interest about Kato Mikeladze’s personality, her feminist activism and to history of Georgian feminism in general. It attracted wide and diverse groups – students, scholars, activists, feminists, writers, literary critics. The book was promoted via media and social media. The publication spread the knowledge/information about Georgian feminism contributing to fill those gaps that exist in academia concerning local heritage of global feminist thought and activism.

The project was initiated and brought to reality by alumna of the HBF SC scholarship program, well-known Georgian feminist writer Tamta Melashvili.