Lessons of Georgian Reforms for Ukraine

Tamar Gurchiani
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Tamar Gurchiani, Lawyer

Public discussion on Lessons of Georgian Reforms for Ukraine was held on October 21, 2014 in Kiyv, Ukraine. The event was organised by the Ukraine and the South Caucasus Offices of the Heinrich Boell Foundation.

The invited speakers discussed experience of Georgia in implementation of reforms and its democratic path from both Georgian and Ukrainian perspectives. They also discussed readiness of Ukraine to launch package of reforms that are vital for modernisation of the state and for elaboration of policies required to overcome the post-revolutionary crisis.

The speakers were as follows:
- Tamar Gurchiani, lawyer and civil activist from Georgia;
- Marina Tsapok, expert of the Reanimation Package of Reforms from Ukraine;
- Lasha Bakradze, director of the Museum of Literature of Georgia;
- Vakhtang Kipiani, journalist from Ukraine;
- Giorgi Tughushi, director of the Georgian Democratic Initiative

The event was presented and hosted by Kirill Savin, director of the Ukraine office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation. Discussion was moderated by Malkhaz Saldadze, program coordinator of the South Caucasus Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation.

October 22, 2014

Screening of films:

"The Leader is Always Right" by Salome Jashi

"Full Speed Westward" by Stefan Tolz.

Interview with Stefan Tolz for UKRLIFE.TV