Green Academy 2017 - Connect the Struggles

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On July 22-27, 2017 the South Caucasus Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation organized the third summer school in the frameworks of Green Academy - Connect the Struggles: Politics, Economy, Society and Activism in the Search for Alternatives. The lectures, discussions, workshops and seminars that were taking place during six days in Bazaleti, contributed to better understanding of the challenges Green and Left political actors and movements face today, in-depth discussions on ongoing political, economic and social realities, building and securing coalitions between different activist groups, equipping young people interested in politics with the new knowledge and experience.  

Days were divided into four thematic directions-Politics, Economy, Society and Activism and united comprehensive issues such as welfare state, social justice, politics of Green transformation, growth, financialization, labor politics, challenges of today`s feminism in Georgia, social and political resistance, etc.

In addition to the Georgian speakers, Green Academy participants had opportunity to meet the guests specially invited for the event from Europe and Latin America. Among them we shall emphasize Mr. Claus Offe, widely known political sociologist and prominent representative of the second generation of Frankfurt School. He delivered two comprehensive lectures at Green Academy. Also, thanks to Mr. Daniel Chaves, Uruguayan anthropologist specializing in Latin American politics,  majority of participants learned about Latin America`s experience of Left governments and movements. Armenian colleagues added regional perspective to the event and reminded the attendees about the challenges the South Caucasus region faces as a result of ongoing conflicts and geopolitical situation.

Essential parts of Green Academy were the hot discussions and arguments between various activist groups, which brought to light that Georgian Green, social and political activists have long way to go until their struggles are connected.


  • Claus Offe. World Capitalist Economy System and Fate of Democracy in the 'Third World'

  • Daniel Chavez. Left in the Government: What shall we learn from Latin America? Part 1

Part 2

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