Ekaterina Paverman
hbs scholarship holder 2007, Tbilisi

Ekaterina Paverman was born on the 4th of May, 1981 in Tbilisi. In 2003 she successfully graduated from the University of Tbilisi’s Institute of Psychology. She holds a Masters in psychology/psychotherapy. Since 2003, she has been working in NGOs and participating in different projects, such as inter-ethnic relations and civic society building.

In the framework of the HBS grant, Ekaterina will delve into the theme of how people coming from ethnically mixed families form an ethnic identity. Present research focuses on revealing the mechanisms that form the way these people identify themselves. Ekaterina hopes to discover in what way these aspects of ethnical experience influence the construction of ethnic identity and if any borders between self-identification and others aspects, like society, determine a sense of ethnical belonging.

Research topic: Фамилия – Это Судьба