Giorgi Shubitidze
Scholarship holder 2007, Tbilisi

Giorgi Shubitidze was born on 04.06.1982 in Khashuri. In 2003 he graduated from the Tbilisi State University, department of Philosophy and Sociology. In 2005 he obtained Master’s degree in Philosophy and Sociology. In 2001 Giorgi participated in series of workshops on Gender violence, organized by “Center for Women Education and Development”, in 2002 - Tbilisi State University Annual Student Conference, etc. In 2001-2002 he was a member of initiative group of Student self government and member of election committee during Student self government elections.

Nowadays, Giorgi works with Caucasian Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development (CIPDD) and is a fellow of KOK – Social and Strategic Research Foundation (makes research on Ethnic Minorities and State-Building Policies in Post-revolutionary Georgia). In 2007 he was granted Heinrich Boell Foundation scholarship.

“Patron-Client Relationships in Local Governance: Shida Kartli Case”
One of the most important conditions for establishing the effective democratic governance is existence of effective, representative and transparent self-governance. Aim of the present research is to survey informal (Patron-Client) relationships in local governance, at what extent existing form of functioning of local government supports establishing of democratic governance, to analyse which factors determine prevalence of informal relationships on formal relationships in local government. 

The survey aims analysis of the following factors:
• Which forms of relationships have been existed among decision-makers in regions since Georgia’s independence.
• How decisions were made; whether the forms of decision-making were changing in time dynamics.
• How the horizontal (local media, NGO sector) and vertical (governor’s office) control of the local self-governance was implemented and whether such control ever existed.

Research topic: “Patron-Client Relationships in Local Governance: Shida Kartli Case”