Tamar Kintsurashvili-Odikadze

Tamriko Kintsurashvili-Odikadze was born in 1989 in Sukhumi. After the Abkhaz-Georgian war her family moved to Tbilisi.  She majored in Domestic and Foreign Policy at Ilia State University.  She also studied Liberal Arts, brought to Georgia by the American-Georgian Initiative for Liberal Education. Tamriko believes that Liberal Arts laid down the foundation to her personal and professional development. Since 2011 she works as an assistant to professors for Liberal Arts courses taught at Ilia State University. In addition, she is involved in Youth for Democracy project as an assistant to the manager.

Presently she is doing her master’s degree in Soviet and Post Soviet Studies at Ilia State University.

She was granted Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship to do a study on Soviet language and rhetoric, especially the Soviet dichotomy between good and bad words for the same reality. She is interested in when this characteristically Soviet language was brought to Georgia? Was it in 1921 with Soviet occupation of Georgia? Or did this language penetrate earlier, in Imperial Russian or Menshevik times? Or later, under Stalin?  How quickly was it spread? The study will be an analysis of printed media from different political parties published in Georgia during the 1916-1925 period. This study aims to show one feature of socialization process in Georgia.