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Tbilisi. Archive in Transition

The capital of Georgia practically presents a new face everyday. Ambitious building projects and large foreign investments are constantly changing the cityscape of Tbilisi. This relentless development is the subject of much debate among the city's residents: what should be preserved and what may be subjected to change? What is available for sale and what is common property? What do we want to remember and what are our sources of inspiration?

The city is ours! Urban protests and politics in Tbilisi

The publication "The city is ours" is the first attempts of the Heinrich Boell Foundation SC to systemically and critically analyze urban movements  emerged in Tbilisi in the recent years (2007-2015) and to define features and strategies of the main groups involved in the social movements in Tbilisi. At the same time, this publication clearly shows the readers and, above all, the urban movement activists the difficulties and problems that followed the protest movements.

Playing with Statues: Stalin Here and Now

49 photos and 3 essays presented in this edition is the imprint of the Soviet regime on modern Georgia. This regime had been waging the war against its own people for decades by persecuting its own citizens, restricting their freedom of speech, choice and movement, spying and using violence against them.

Religion, Society and State

Presented publication presents a final result of the lectures and workshops initiated and supported by the Heinrich Boell Foundation. In 2004-2005 in Tbilisi 6 lectures and 6 workshops were organized with participation of religion researches from Russia, Georgia and Ukraine.

Diaspora, Oil and Roses


Издание представляет собой русскую версию сборника статей о внутриполитическом развитии стран Южного Кавказа, опубликованного в Германии в 2005 Фондом им. Генриха Бёлля. Русское издание подготовлено совместными усилиями представительства Фонда им. Генриха Бёлля на Кавказе и Кавказского Института СМИ. Авторы статей – ученые из Азербайджана, Армении и Грузии. Среди тем сборника – безопасность, выборы, СМИ, нациестроительство, экономика, коррупция, гендерные проблемы.

Role of Orthodoxy in States and Societies of Georgia and Russia

Статьи, включенные в этот выпуск, представляют собой доклады, прочитанные на конференции «Роль православия в государстве и обществе» 23-25 января 2004 г. в Тбилиси, в которой участвовали представители научных кругов, духовенства, НПО, масс-медиа, а также либеральные эксперты Грузии и России.