Zhana Sirbiladze

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My internship at the South Caucaus Regional Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation was both highly inspirational and practical. From the very first day of internship, everyone welcomed me as a member of team and expected me to make a contribution. Friendly, but professional atmosphere was something I was fascinated by. On a daily basis, I was conducting research on various socio-political issues, attending debates and taking part in different activities to a varying extent. But the work was only a small part of what made my experience special.  Getting to know to new ideas and concepts through the debates with a director and other staff members truly enhanced my horizons, helped me grow both as an employee and a person. I would be honest if I said that interning at Heinrich Boell Foundation was a good start for me; this is literally how it looks like to be in the right place at the right time.

Nowadays, my current position and duties are pretty much the same as two years ago. Since September 2015, I have been taking an internship at the Norwegian Helsinki Committee and devoting my time and energy to the issues I have a passion for. After June 2016, so after graduating from Oslo University and obtaining a MA degree at Peace and Conflict Studies, I will move back to Georgia.  It is my aspiration to be an active member of a civil society and strive for justice, peace and stability.

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