Lectures in Gori: the “Unknown” Soviet Past (2017)

Lectures in Gori: the “Unknown” Soviet Past (2017)

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A non-governmental organization Cooperation for Peace and Progress (CPP) in partnership with the South Caucasus Regional Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation implements a project Lectures in Gori: the “Unknown” Soviet Past since 2015. The main goals of the above-mentioned project are as follows: to raise awareness on the issue of Soviet past among young people; to establish a sound platform for discussing the issues related to the Soviet Union among youth; to promote critical thinking and understanding of origins of totalitarian ideas and symbols.

The project will be implemented in 2 phases. The 1st phase of the project includes lectures-seminars, film screenings, discussions, Red Terror Topography tour in Tbilisi by SovLab, and visit to theOccupation Museum. 2 weeks of the project will be focuesd of women's issues -  women’s role and attitudes towards women in Soviet Union.

In the frameworks os lecture-seminars, the following topics will be presented:

  • Seminar 1.1 - Soviet occupation of Georgia
  • Lecture 1.2 - Soviet occupation of Georgia /Lasha Bakradze/
  • Lecture 2 - Soviet terror in Georgia /David Jishkariani/
  • Seminar 3.1 - Theory of Nationalism and Soviet Nationalist politics in Georgia
  • Lecture 3.2 - Theory of Nationalism and Soviet Nationalist politics in Georgia /Shota Papava/
  • Lecture 4 - WW2 and Georgia /Malkhaz Saldadze/
  • Lecture 5 - Gender and Labour in Soviet Union /Maya Barkaia/
  • Seminar 6.1- Soviet Economic Politics
  • Lecture 6.2 - Soviet Economic Politics /Dimitri Japharidze/
  • Lecture 7 - Humor in Soviet Union /Giorgi Janelidze/
  • Seminar 8.1 - Politics of Memory in Soviet Union
  • Lecture 8.2 - Politics of Memory in Soviet Union /Nino Chikovani/
  • Lecture 9 - Religion in Georgian Soviet movies /Sophio Zviadadze/
  • Lecture 10 - Football and Soviet Georgia /Dato Turashvili/
  • Lecture 11 - Rumors as Soviet inheritance /Elene Kekelia/
  • Lecture 12 - Post-Soviet Society /Emzar Jgerenaia/
  • Film screening
  • Closing seminar

During the 2nd phase of the project participants will select one of the discussed topics and prepare group presentations. The presentations will be held in public schools of Gori Municipality with pupils of 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade and also, at Gori State Teaching University and in Non-governmental Organizations.          

In addition, the project rubric “Whose City is Gori?” will be presented in various non-governmental organizations and at Gori University.

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