Pilot Project for the Institutional Development of the Soviet Past Research Laboratory (2017)

The goal of the project implemented by the Soviet Past Research Laboratory (SOVLAB) in 2017 is to support its institutional development (pilot project) and through mobilizing its resources to promote issues related to Georgia’s Soviet past.

SOVLAB that was established in 2010 faces the need to be strengthened institutionally. Functioning of the organization depended on projects that usually required participation of just several people in their implementation. Taking into account the fact how well developed are capacities of SOVLAB and its researchers and how broad are fields of its interests there is the need to shift organization’s performance from project to program approach that in its turn requires attaining and training of more researchers. Therefore the given project is oriented on long-term goals of the organization’s development both in terms of the content of work to be performed and in terms of institutional sustainability that means recruitment of new people first of all. Consequently, objectives of the project correspond the needs identified for ensuring SOVLAB’s sustainability:    

  • Elaboration of a strategy for SOVLAB’s development;
  • Increasing visibility of SOVLAB through development of current platforms;
  • Development of partnership networks through series of round table meetings and discussions.

The project implementation period is February-December 2017.