Égalité – Equality, Freedom, Solidarity (2021-2022)

magazine egalite cover

The Georgian LGBTIQ community continues to face stigma, prejudice, and violence because of their sexual orientation, gender identity, and forms of personal expression. Common problems are discrimination when accessing health care, employment, housing, education, and increased risk of sexual and physical violence. Stereotypes and prejudices are common and reinforced by negative media coverage and insufficient access of the wider population to LGBTIQ related information. So far, queer activism tried to challenge these issues mostly by increasing the public visibility of LGBTIQ identities in order to promote public acceptance. However, the violent attacks during the Tbilisi pride on July 2021 suggest that politics of visibility can sometimes be counterproductive and cause serious repercussions. Therefore, the project goal is to diversify existing LGBTIQ activism.

Publishing the "Égalité" Journal, Equality Movement will enrich the debate on possible alternatives in queer activism, which unites different groups in their battles against the status-quo. By involving community members to contribute to the journal, "Égalité" will provide an important platform of self-expression and empowerment, as well as strengthen exchange and discussions within the community.