Social Workers' s union - Social Work and Feminism (2022)

სოციალურ მუშაკთა გაერთიანება ლოგო

The project "Social Work and Feminism" aims to promote women's equality through a feminist rethinking of social work. Social Workers' Union seeks to work with women community leaders and social workers and to strengthen the understanding of social work as a feminist profession in the professional community, the civil sector, and society as a whole.

Through leaders and members of the organization, the project will create a network of informal support for women, which aims to exchange information, and educational resources and strengthen each other in professional activities.

Social Workers' Union plans to adapt feminist material on social work into Georgian reality and prepare and distribute thematic videos and podcasts through the organization's website and social network.

In the project's final phase, the organization will hold a roundtable discussion on the importance of feminist rethinking of the profession.