Enhancing Trauma Literacy of Peacebuilding Practitioners (2022)

Trauma is an ultimate predictor of the behaviours, emotions, physiology, cognition and interaction patterns of the conflict-affected populations. Traumatic experiences can have a significant, often hidden influence on the decisions that the conflicted parties take on individual or collective levels. Unfortunately, trauma has been massively happening within the conflict-affected communities in the South Caucasus communities, Georgia and Armenia among them.

Corridors dialogue through cooperation

The project is trying to fill the gap related to trauma literacy and the trauma-informed approach that we observe with peacebuilding practitioners (practitioners) in Georgia and Armenia. The project creates a safe space for joint learning for experienced and young peacebuilders and other specialists related to the field. It creates effective tools and platforms where specialists can raise their awareness of the nature of individual, intergenerational, collective and social trauma as a core predictor of behaviors, emotions, cognitions and quality of interactions in the peacebuilding process.