Dossier: What is the Equilibrium Point for Karabakh

Peace in the South Caucasus is highly valued. However, a long history of violent conflicts and deeply rooted territorial claims make this coveted peace hard to achieve. Conflict in Nagorny Karabakh does not promise a speedy resolution and does not appear to show any sign of transformation in political discussions taking place within the nations engaged in it. Neither Armenia nor Azerbaijan prove to be inclined towards a peaceful settlement of the issue. Furthermore, growing nationalism and militaristic rhetoric in the respective societies exhibit a dangerous trend of escalation of violence that prompt some political observers and experts to make dramatic and pessimistic forecasts for the nearest future. The South Caucasus Regional Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation strives to keep eye on developments in the region and observe the problem from the angle of peace. Hence, this time, the Office has called on renowned political scientists, Dr. Leila Aliyeva and Dr. Mikayel Zolyan, to reflect not only on factors leading to the escalation of the conflict, but rather to analyze the steps that need to be taken to maintain the fragile peace in the region and refrain from engaging in an affair so damaging that it cannot be curbed once unleashed.