Tamta Tatarashvili
tamta tatarashvili portrait

Tamta Tatarashvili holds a Master’s degree in Gender Studies. She worked at Taso Foundation on projects aimed at empowering rural women. In 2010, Tamta was awarded a scholarship by Heinrich Boell Foundation. Her research interests include women’s representation in TV and film, oral history as a method of social research and motherhood studies. Tamta is the author of Feminist Mother’s Diaries.

Since 2021, Tamta is enrolled at Social and Cultural Anthropology PhD program at Ilia State University. Her PhD research project focuses on cultural strategies of the division of care and housework in Armenian families. Her research aims to observe and describe the everyday lives of wives of seasonal migrant men from Armenia, their coping strategies to personal and social problems in the absence of their husbands, women’s networking practices and their role in everyday lives of families and the whole community.