“The Aesthetics of Humanity” by Heinrich Boell

The Aesthetics of Humanity

by Heinrich Boell

The publication includes the Armenian translation of the political essays of Heinrich Boell.

It brings to your attention the political essays of Heinrich Boell, written between the 1950s and 1980s. The essays are translated for the first time directly from German into Armenian language by Gayane Ginoyan.

The book prioritizes topics related to the problems of the post-World War 2 crisis for Germany and the importance of civic stance in the light of political struggle. Drawing the readers’ attention to the post-war social and political crisis, Boell emphasizes the historical, political and public dimensions to overcome it. Regarding civic stance, Boell highlights the necessity of raising voice and intervening as a main task for everyone in the society.

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1.         The Frankfurt Lectures (1964)

2.         Human Dignity is Intact: a foreword to the book “How leftist can journalists be” (1972)

3.         Prague – Yes or No? (1973)

4.         Intervention Is Desirable (1973)

5.         Language as a Shelter for Liberty: a speech, delivered on the occasion of Eduard von der Heydt award in Wuppertal on January 24, 1959

6.         On the Reason of Poetry, Nobel Lecture, delivered in Stockholm on May 2, 1973