Books and E-Papers - Armenia

“The Aesthetics of Humanity” by Heinrich Boell

The Aesthetics of Humanity

The publication includes the Armenian translation of the political essays of Heinrich Boell. It brings to your attention the political essays of Heinrich Boell, written between the 1950s and 1980s.   

Feminist Theory Anthology: The '80s

This book is comprised of Armenian translations of seven key pieces that belong to the 1980s feminist theory - however, the articles were selected with an aim to illuminate questions and debates of the feminist thought throughout the history.

The South Caucasus and Turkey: History Lessons of the 20th Century

The publication – “The South Caucasus and Turkey: History Lessons of the 20th Century” is the collection of scientific articles prepared by authors from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey presenting the research and analytical materials on the key issues regarding history lessons in the South Caucasus and Turkey.

South Caucasus: Spaces. Histories. People.

This volume contains a collection of papers presenting the individual research of young social scientists from Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia. The projects were carried out in 2005, within the framework of a scholarship programme run by the South Caucasus Regional Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation.