Armenian-Georgian Neighborhood: same directions or diverging paths?

Armenian-Georgian Neighborhood: same directions or diverging paths?

Georgia and Armenia have strived to establish good neighborhood policy throughout centuries. There has been neighborly competition over certain issues but during the last two decades, governments of these countries have taken steps to develop joint initiatives in cultural, economic and political spheres. The South Caucasus Regional Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation supports the regional dialogue between these two countries. Therefore, this time, the Office has called on renowned political scientists and analysts Mr.George Tarkhan-Mouravi, Mr. Arsen Khratyan and Mr. Davit Hovhannisyan to reflect on Armenia-Georgia relations taken into account that nowadays these states are part of different political and economic projects. Their internal and foreign affairs priorities also vary from each other. Apart from describing points of intersection as well as contested issues, authors have come up with some suggestions on how to enhance cooperation between these two countries.

Armenian-Georgian Multi-Track Diplomacy is a Must

Armenian-Georgian relations are grounded in many centuries of history. In South Caucasus, as well as in larger Middle East region, Armenians and Georgians are of those rare peoples sharing common history. Along with other factors, this situation has been shaped by the shared reality and need of facing global political, cultural and social dynamics and challenges. հայերեն

By Arsen Kharatyan

Armenian-Georgian Relations: Actuality of Sustainable Development

Nowadays South Caucasus is a sub-region bordering one great power and two regional powers.  It is considered as an important intersection of transnational infrastructure links. This turns it into a zone of superpowers’ vital interests, as well as arises growing interest by non-bordering great powers. The region is saturated with ethnic and confessional conflicts which provides openings for influence by all non-regional actors. հայերեն

By David Hovhannisyan

Armenia & Georgia: Resilient Relationship

Armenia and Georgia are destined by history and geography to exist side by side, for centuries uncomfortably squeezed between huge empires. Not always were their relations cloudless, but mostly were marked by prolonged periods of propinquity and cooperation. հայերեն

By George Tarkhan-Mouravi