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The South Caucasus Regional Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation has a reach library with publications on such topics as Sociology, Democracy, History, Gender, Human Rights, Law, Ethnicity, Environment, etc. in English, German, Russian, and Georgian. See full list of publications.


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Gender Democracy

Queer Feelings

Queer Feelings

This publication "Queer Feelings" includes translations of the texts of Queer and feminist theorists.

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Conflict Transformation

The South Caucasus and Turkey: History Lessons of the 20th Century

The publication – “The South Caucasus and Turkey: History Lessons of the 20th Century” is the collection of scientific articles prepared by authors from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey presenting the research and analytical materials on the key issues regarding history lessons in the South Caucasus and Turkey.

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Ecology & Sustainable Development

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Collection of Articles by HBF Scholarship Holders

Changing Identities: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia

HBF South Caucasus Regional Office presents Collection of selected works by Alumni of the Regional Scholarship Programme. The Publication offers readers an analysis of the social and cultural transformation under way in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia and documents phenomena that have recently emerged in the South Caucasus.

City, Migration, Markets: New Studies in Social Science from the South Caucasus

Южный Кавказ остается горячей точкой с точки зрения существующих здесь конфликтов, политических и экономических перемен, а также образования этнических национальных государств. Все это порождает множество вопросов для общественных наук, что является, в свою оче редь, предметом кризиса и перемен. Основным направлением Фон да им. Генриха Бёлля на Южном Кавказе является поддержка программой стипендий ученых из стран Южно-Кавказского региона при разработке инновационных научно-исследовательских и образовательных проектов.

The New South Caucasus: Overcoming Old Boundaries

The proposed collection represents the scientific results of the fourth generation of the scholars of the Heinrich Böll Foundation from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia and allows observing the scope of scientific interests of the new generation of researchers in the South Caucasus.

Figuring out the South Caucasus: Societies and Environment

The collection of papers presented to the reader by the Heinrich Boell Foundation, is not entirely ordinary. It is not in the sense that it presents papers written by young scholars whose original research was conducted not within the frameworks of a South Caucasus regional programme that has been carried out by the Foundation since 2003.

South Caucasus: Spaces. Histories. People.

This volume contains a collection of papers presenting the individual research of young social scientists from Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia. The projects were carried out in 2005, within the framework of a scholarship programme run by the South Caucasus Regional Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation.