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Queer Feelings

Queer Feelings

This publication "Queer Feelings" includes translations of the texts of Queer and feminist theorists.

Feminist Theory Anthology: The '80s

This book is comprised of Armenian translations of seven key pieces that belong to the 1980s feminist theory - however, the articles were selected with an aim to illuminate questions and debates of the feminist thought throughout the history.

Legal Situation of LGBTI Persons in Georgia

The present report aims at the comprehensive description and documentation of the human rights situation of LGBTI persons and state policies in Georgia. The report reviews the situation for LGBTI persons in relation to each right, identifies systemic problems on legislative, institutional, and human rights levels, and proposes specific recommendations for relevant state agencies.

Anti-Gender Movements on the Rise?

The concept of "gender backlash" encompasses too activities pursued by a multitude of different local initiatives all over Central and Eastern Europe, which strongly promote tradition over equality. In many cases these groups appear to be backed and inspired both by influential US-American “pro life” organisations as well as the Kremlin’s "Gay-rope" propaganda, which aims to discredit the European Union as a place of moral decline.

Kato Mikeladze_cover

Kato Mikeladze: Unknown Stories of Georgian Feminism

In 2013 HBF South Caucasus Regional Office published the first edition of book "Kato Mikeladze: Unknown Stories of Georgian Feminism" to introduce Kato Mikeladze, a feminist activist of the early 20th century to a wider public and spread the word about the heritage she contributed to the local feminist thought.

How to Defeat Hate Speech

This publication is a product of “Addressing Hate Speech in Georgia: A Litmus Test for Human Rights and Social Tolerance” project implemented by the South Caucasus Regional Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation. This publication has been produced with the assistance of the Delegation of the European Union to Georgia.

Manifold Angles of Gender

This is a publication of materials, a small selection of the papers presented by researchers and activists at the International Conference – Manifold Angles of Gender: Looking through a Magnifying Glass, organized and hosted by the South Caucasus Regional Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation.


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Civil Initiative for Equal Participation

This publication presents a final product of "Building public confidence and maximizing participation of disadvantage groups in democratic processes through transparent elections in Georgia" project funded by Delegation of European Union to Georgia.

Gender and Democratization: the Case of Georgia 1991-2006

What role have women played in Georgia’s transition to democracy? What is the formal and legal framework for gender equality in Georgia; how and by whom has it been put into practice? What role does civil society play in democracy building and the advancement of gender democracy?


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Гендер для "чайников"

Действительно ли так ясно и неопровержимо определяются отличия между мужчиной и женщиной, как это кажется на первый взгляд? Как формируются гендерные порядки и от чего они зависят? Насколько существенны общие представления о "женственности" и "мужественности"? Полезны ли они или мешают в личной жизни и работе?..